Designers of remarkable travel journeys

In the words of the founders

“Driven by a need to ceaselessly strive for perfection and excellence, we wanted to create a travel universe that’s strictly ours; a space where we bridge the gap between our most demanding clients and the people on the inside track of destinations who value our ethos and do so with all their heart and soul. So we set out to find the best. Our partners and collaborators, each carefully vetted, are some of the best in the business, and provide the support we need to craft the most exceptional travel experiences for our members.”

Our Philosophy

At the core of Grand Luxury is a passion and unwavering love for luxury hotels, and a never-ending quest for excellence as we reveal the soul of places to our clients and make them discover the most beautiful facets of any destination they go.

An exceptional selection

Carefully curated collaborations for unique travel experiences. That’s what we offer to our clients, striving for perfection every time so we make their travels more than just memories, but experiences they’ll love to talk about.

Unique partnerships

We build, with each of our partners, a close and excellent relationship to guarantee a red carpet treatment and the most personalized service for our guests during their stay.

The soul of places revealed

We give your travels a feeling of timelessness as we take you on a journey to the very depth of the destinations you always wanted to go. We meet the people on the inside track, and together, we create exceptional moments and unforgettable encounters.

An unparalleled service

Omnipresent to assist you with your trip to any destination, your Guest Experience Manager has the sole aim of ensuring the most perfect travel experience, accommodating any and all of your requests, and where possible, anticipating your needs ahead of time.

Destination ideas


In the Tuscan countryside

In the Tuscan countryside

Discover the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco

On Paris’s Left Bank

On Paris’s Left Bank

Discover the story of Hôtel Lutetia

On Desroches Island in Seychelles

On Desroches Island in Seychelles

Meet Conservation Ranger Jean-Claude Camille

What they are saying

« They have built a hugely loyal clientele who come to Grand Luxury Hotels for the unparalleled service and upgrades, the concierge service and personalised assistance. »
« Grand Luxury Hotels offers discerning clients a handpicked collection of the most luxurious hotels around the world, along with an upscale concierge service and exclusive offers and benefits. »
« The family-owned and run luxury hotel collection and concierge Grand Luxury Group is one of the world’s leading luxury hotel reservation sites. »